Coach Reece

University Debate Coach

Coach Reece is a policy debate coach for the University of Southern California where is also an MPD candidate in USC's world famous school of Public Diplomacy.  As a coach he led the Trojans to a District one Championship, ranking the Trojans first among schools such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cal State Fullerton, ASU, UNLV, and Fresno State.  At the High School and Middle School level, he has helped coach policy debaters to a finals appearance at the Meadows and Jack as well as a first place finish at the NSDA MIddle School Nationals Championship. At the tail end of his career, Coach Reece won a District One Title and achieved several victories against Top 10 ranked policy debaters in the country. He emphasizes teaching kids in a way that is exciting, entertaining, and educational. He has worked as a curriculum consultant for several education companies.