Summer Programs

In-person Summer Program

Introducing kids as early as 4 years old to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.
We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning. Our goal is to help children build solid problem-solving skills while encouraging them to discover how things work. Each day for spring break, students will explore concepts in aerospace engineering, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics and coding.
Students will be studying the flight of a rocket by developing their own model rocket. They will sail with the wind while experimenting with the buoyancy of a boat. Step through history as we uncover medieval inventions such as the catapult. We will discover the reality of autonomous driving cars with our robots.
Join us as we study the history of machines to discover the possibility of the future.


Daily Schedule

9:00am-12pm ELA(1.5 hours), Math(1.5 hours)
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Outdoor Recess
1:00pm STEM Lesson
1:30pm STEM Workshop
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Tech Lesson
4:00pm Tech Workshop
6:00pm Dismissal


Virtual Summer Program

Your child can spend their spring break getting ready for the English Language Arts and Math exam. Students will take practice exams and review in depth with a qualified test prep instructor. Students have the opportunity to focus on time management, problem solving, and work on developing the best test taking strategies.

ELA: 1.5 Hours / MATH: 1.5 Hours

Class Schedule:

Morning : 9am-12pm

Afternoon: 1pm-4pm

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