Writer's Workshop (Grade 1-5) : The Art of Storytelling

Writer’s Workshop (Grade 1 – 5): The Art of Storytelling

Writing is so important. It helps record our thoughts and our big ideas. The big idea is a “gift” transferred from the speaker’s mind to the audience. Always use writing opportunities to create something worth saying. You have to focus on the topic and its meaning. Discover yourself and your path in finding out what your writing strengths are. Gain experience and get a lot of writing practice to improve your writing and adopt new writing techniques. Learn to use your words to impact your success.

Class Schedule:
3pm~3:55pm Grade 5
4pm~4:55pm Grade 4
5pm~5:55pm Grade 3
3pm~3:55pm Grade 1
4pm~4:55pm Grade 2
5pm~5:55pm Grade 3

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