For Matthew: Scratch Studio: Maze Game Coding (Grade 2+)

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Class Schedule: 5/12, 19, 26, 6/2, 9, 16, 23
Wednesday: 4pm-5pm

Programming and coding are becoming necessary skills for various fields of engineering. Many of today’s engineers spend most of their time in front of a computer: processing, analyzing, and extracting data to help them design, test and improve products and tools. With coding and programming knowledge, today’s engineers can work faster and come up with more creative design solutions that otherwise would be out of reach without programming. Scratch introduces children to programming in a logical way by opening the door to the world of programming. Just as any student can be an engineer, any student can program! Using Scratch, students are invited to develop their programming skills by creating a fun and colorful maze game. Students will explore terminology such as algorithms and functions as they develop their game.

5/12 – Intro to Scratch’s Interface
Share the knowledge of Scratch’s interface from the block categories to built-in sprites and backdrops. Learn about the difference between sprites and images. Create your own sprites.
5/19 – Backdrops
Create multiple backdrops for a more dynamic game.
5/26 – Sprite Actions
Adding movement and color change to a sprite. Make the sprite appear to speak or think.
6/2 – Math Concepts
Learn about the four math operations, random numbers, comparing numbers, logic and logical arguments, creating and using variables.
6/9 – Logic
Demonstrate the use of stop, wait, and forever block. Learn about repeating actions. Understand conditional statements and nested control statements.
6/16 – Add Extension
Learn how to add extensions to make the game unique.
6/23 – Troubleshoot
Review any bad coding sequences and find any improvements.