for Valerie - Debate: The Principles of Argumentation

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Class Schedule:

Wednesday: 6/2, 16, 23
4pm~4:55pm Grade 3-4
5pm~5:55pm Grade 5-6

Debate: The Principles of Argumentation

We might all recognize a poor argument when we hear one but do we know how to oppose such argument? Join us as we show you how to construct logical arguments by following through direct instruction, then through trial, error, and reflection. Students will conduct research to form an argument and practice quick critical thinking in responding to counterarguments. Students will practice written and oral communication as they construct arguments and acknowledge a range of perspectives on an issue. Students are broken into two groups – For and Against. Students need to be explicit about the sources or types of evidence. Each class, students will be practicing on their argument responses and closing rebuttals. Some topics will be based on current events, political topics and economics.