Global Citizen: Around the World Art

Lesson 1) Travel to Japan: Creating Your Own Kimono
Lesson 2) Travel to Holland: Wind Wheel Origami
Lesson 3) Travel to China: Learn paper fan origami and decorate the paper fan with color
Lesson 4) Travel to Spain: Gaudi’s Architecture And Mosaic Patterns
Lesson 5) Travel to North Pole: Salt And Pigments
Lesson 6) Travel to Canada: Each Leaf Is Unique
Lesson 7) Travel to Switzerland: Cuckoo Clock
Lesson 8) Travel to France: Hanna - Symmetric Shapes


Maximum class size: 8 students

Class Schedule : 2/11, 18, 25, 3/4, 11, 18, 25, 4/1
4pm~4:55pm Grade K~2
5pm~5:55pm Grade 3~5
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