Saturday Writing Workshop

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Class Schedule:

10am - 12pm  Grade 3-6 (Max 6 students

Our goal is to create customized lessons that support your child's needs. We are focused on evaluating each student's learning profile, classwork, and strengths and areas of growth to create a customized learning plan. We use customized techniques and teaching methods that guarantee improvement in your child’s classroom performance and writing ability.


3rd Grade

When students come to the third grade, they have enough experience in learning writing conventions; their focus is on writing lengthy informative pieces. We will teach students how to write narratives that develop characters, setting, and plot. Students will receive daily feedback which they must apply to their work. 

4th Grade

Fourth graders will begin the year by writing passionate opinion pieces on issues they feel strongly about. They will brainstorm a list of argument topics, select one to develop through reasons and evidence, write about the opposing side, and research credible sources to strengthen their piece. Fourth graders will develop their public speaking by presenting their piece by the end of the course.

5th Grade

In the fifth grade, students will learn to create personal narratives. They will use a story arc to develop the plot, sensory words to describe the setting, and dialogue, actions, and internal thinking to develop their characters. Students will draft, edit, and revise their pieces using teacher feedback, checklists, and mentor texts. 

6th Grade

Sixth graders will begin the year with information writing. They will create informative non-fiction pieces that synthesize information from various sources, use domain specific vocabulary, and text features to teach their audience about a piece. They will have access to print and media resources to conduct research, graphic organizers to develop their ideas, and rubrics to guide their progress