Saturday Creative Writing : Bust through Writer's Block!

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Class Schedule:
Saturday: 3/20, 27, 4/10, 17, 24, 5/1, 8, 15
11:30am - 12:30pm Grade 2
1pm - 2pm Grade 4
5:30pm - 6:30pm Grade 3

Join us as we explore technical forms of literature with emphasis on narrative craft, character development and literary tropes. Each week we will discuss writing on non-fiction, fiction, persuasive, descriptive, narrative and even graphic novel. Have your pencil sharpened and get to ready to step into a world of pure imagination.

3/20: Discuss the essential parts of a story: introduction, problem, rising action,
climax, falling action, resolution, and conclusion, along with the setting

3/27: Discuss and explore how to create characters, including their problems, goals and relationship to other characters in the story

4/10: Discuss the importance of background information and world building for characters and the setting within the story.

4/17: Explore the importance of asking the questions of what, who, why, where,
when, and how in terms of the characters, the setting and the events within the story.

4/24: Explore character development and the different roles a character may
have within a story, particularly of the hero, anti-hero, villain, and anti-villain.
Story genres will also be discussed, such as fantasy, mystery, romance, adventure,
science-fiction, and so on.

5/1: Discuss and explore the narrator, particularly elements such as the narrative
voice, the difference between the reliable and unreliable narrator, and the
perspective of the narrator. Initial discussions of metaphors and similes will begin.

5/8: Further explore the narrative voice, along with how characters speak to each
other. Particular emphasis will be given to formal and informal language, along with
metaphors, similes and analogies.

5/15: Continuation of Week 7, along with discussions about the final connectivity
of the story, particularly in terms of themes.

Teacher: Ms. Monica