Week 5 (7/29-8/2)

Week 8
The Future of Design: Transportation & Autonomous Robotics 

Emerging ahead to transform our roads and skies to improve lives and the environment. Learn about the logistical challenges that it takes to bring new ideas to the world such as maglev trains, aerial transportation, delivery drones, and underground roads. Students will study topics on autonomous (self-driving) vehicles and what improvements can be made to push for full autonomy. They will identify the cost benefits of an electric vehicle and the challenges of current battery technology. And finally, learn about the vehicle to grid technology, a possible future where all types are vehicle are part of the same ecosystem that can communicate with each other. Currently, we are living in an environment where unfolding parallel of technological shifts could change the transportation system. So why not be ahead of it? We introduce our students to the world of building a robotic self-driving vehicle. Students will use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 to explore building and programming basic robots. Through this program, students will use mathematical concepts and engineering principles to brainstorm, plan, test, and modify sequences of instructions to accomplish a specific task. They will learn about different sensors that apply to autonomous vehicles.

Friday, 9am - 3pm: Hall of Science

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