Week 9 (8/28-9/1)

Week 9
Rebuild Era: City Development & CAD Processing 

Rethink how we live, work and play in the community. With the current outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic reshaping our views on how we live, architects and urban planners need to reconsider public spaces that will make people feel comfortable in shared environments. Our students will need to think of this complex problem that not only involve in designing buildings and structures but also consider the rules of engagement for civil and professional interactions. Discussion on what a sustainable city can look like and how a smart city can solve many of the current issues. Students will share ideas on their alternative city. Students will learn about the wonderful world of 3D modeling. They will explore how computer-aided design has allowed engineers throughout the world to develop new architectural innovations, medical advancements, and create new toys. Through CAD, students will create renderings of their utopia.